My blog, my world

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to my blog 🙂

This blog started out as a journal, a way for me to extract the mess of thoughts and opinions from my mind and try to make sense of them.

As I have grown, so to has the purpose of this blog. I still use it to articulate my thoughts and feelings, but I also want this blog to be a place where people can find comfort, advice and kinship. My burning desire is to live in a world of peace, acceptance and celebration. We all have beauty to offer the world, but that beauty is often ignored. We have become as society quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to empathise. This blog will my megaphone, a place to shout my message of true self love, which in turn leads to the love of others.

I’m blessed you stopped by and I’m excited for us to navigate this world together.



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