Finding purpose in my passion

I'm a passionate person. I care deeply about the world we live in and what happens within it. However, I often find that my passion doesn't have a purpose. I'll watch news stories about unarmed black men being shot in their own home, or the famine in Yemen and my heart will physically ache. I... Continue Reading →

Leesha bares it all

It looks like global warming has finally lived up to it's name... It's mid-May and we've already had 3 hot weekends, one of which was on a bank holiday! As with most of England, as soon as the weather pushes past 15°C, I start digging out my sunglasses, culottes and the most revealing outfits I... Continue Reading →

Leesha gets brave

What's the bravest thing you've done this month? Did try to convince some fukboi that your £9.99 frontal was real? Maybe you stayed in your Black Panther screening even though you were the only white person there? Or did you manage to carry on with your life despite the efforts of the "beast from the... Continue Reading →

Leesha tries… Sofar sounds

Hi Readers, Happy 2018 (I think this is the last acceptable day to say that!) On reflection of my past posts, it occurred to me that the tone has been decidedly sombre. Seeing as this meant to be a lifestyle blog, exploring all parts of my life, I thought it was high time I made... Continue Reading →

Leesha remembers…

Hi Readers! As I mentioned earlier, my dad passed away last September. It was a traumatic whirlwind of emotions that I have still not fully grasped. His passing correlated with moments that, on their own, were emotionally charged; first solo backpacking trip, first graduate job. I'm no longer ashamed to admit that I struggled greatly,... Continue Reading →

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